The #1 Best Place To Buy Modafinil

The very best place to buy Modafinil is at the tip of your fingers. The Internet is your single most affordable and accessible source of the real-life NZT pill. But what makes a good vendor the best and which is our number one?

Read on to find out…

Legal Issues With Online Modafinil

Modafinil is a prescription drug for narcolepsy and other sleep-related disorders. It is also the single most promising and safest brain enhancing drug out there. No matter how well it works and how little side effects it has, however, a prescription drug is a prescription drug. You can’t legally buy and use it without a doctor’s approval.

While I am the last person to promote free drug distribution without any physician supervision, Modafinil is greatly misunderstood. The US placed it in the list of Schedule IV controlled substances because it may have abuse potential. Do they have any experimental evidence? Not really, but they do think that Modafinil raising dopamine levels is a risk factor for abuse and addiction.

Of course, Modafinil is a stimulant and you have to be careful with it.

The possible abuse claims, however… First off, Modafinil’s mechanism of action is yet to be understood completely. It almost surely involves more than one biochemical pathway. Yes, upping dopamine is one of the effects but Modafinil does that by binding to receptors differently than say amphetamines. The side effects and long-term consequences of Modafinil use are way different than what we see with typical, dopamine-boosting stimulants.

Still, the fact remains. Modafinil is a prescription drug and also a controlled substance in most countries. As such, it is illegal to buy, use, or import it without a doctor’s approval. In the case of the US (and other countries where it’s controlled), technically, even if you have a prescription you shouldn’t be allowed to order online. However, you are allowed to import small amounts of prescription drugs for personal use. That is what makes ordering Modafinil online different from drug smuggling.

So The Best Place To Buy Modafinil Is Also Illegal?

Yes, it is.

The thing is, though, customs officers can’t do more than seize what packages they manage to detect and destroy them. Modafinil might have some abuse potential, according to the government, but it isn’t heroin, either. The current legislation in most countries doesn’t put you at risk of getting a criminal record if you try to import it. Instead, they will send you a letter informing you that the Modafinil has been seized.

Then, they’ll destroy it.

End of story – no cops at your house, no fines, no lawsuits, no criminal record. Just a package that will not reach you.

But I Will Lose The Money…

No, you will not.

This is where the title best place to buy Modafinil online comes into play. Any reputable vendor will offer to reship or refund a seized package. The order protection varies from seller to seller.

Since the products come from more or less the same suppliers, regardless of the vendors, an excellent policy to protect your Modafinil is key. More than that, it matters if the website is reputable and will resolve the problem if something were to come up.

Enter Our Best Place To Buy Modafinil Winner

For the moment being, the single Modafinil vendor I would recommend to newbies and nootropic aficionados alike is Modafinil Star.

There are two main reasons for that: price and safety.

Modafinil Star Order Protection Policy

Modafinil Star have one of the best, most generous order protection policies out there. They clearly state on their website that you get to choose refund or reshipment and that all problems that might arise will be handled in a 24 hour period.

That’s important because most people I know don’t order Modafinil for the fun of it. They need it to reach them in a reasonable timeframe. Whether it is for study, work, or a little bit of both, you usually need your Modafinil delivered yesterday. Heck, I even got a Modafinil prescription so that I can buy the pills when I need them (although I don’t do that often, it’s more expensive).

There are three things that could go wrong with your Modafinil order:

It gets lost before it leaves India (highly unlikely).

It leaves India but does not reach you – happens sometimes, although 99% of the orders get to you without a problem.

You get the package but it’s not what you ordered.

In case of incorrect order, Modafinil Star will, of course, refund or reship the correct package. If the package doesn’t even leave India they will know even before you do. Once they see there is an issue with tracking it, Modafinil Star immediately reship. That’s great because it means you don’t have to keep an eye on the tracking number day and night. The company is doing that for you. Finally, if they see an issue once it leaves India, Modafinil Star will immediately email you. If you don’t answer in 24 hours they reship the order (and if you do, you can also choose a refund).

Buy Modafinil Here

Modafinil Star Are Proactive About Customer Experience

What makes Modafinil Star the best place to buy Modafinil online (and the best place to buy Modafinil just in general) is they don’t wait for you to contact them.

Unlike other companies, Modafinil Star watch out for your order even if you get distracted. That is what makes them different and way better.

The Price Of Awesome

The other reason I am so keen on Modafinil Star is it’s cheap, plain and simple. So far, Modafinil Star has the best price I have found. I am excluding the scam-y sites from that, obviously, because unrealistically low prices usually mean you are not getting any package at all.

Modafinil Star has a range of products and they are all very competitively priced.

The exception here might be Piracetam (a.k.a. Nootropil). I know it isn’t available everywhere but Piracetam is really cheap in Europe and I hate to see the exact same product online for thrice or more the price.

When it comes to Modafinil, however, the best place to buy Modafinil is Modafinil Star and their price is unbeatable.

Bitcoin Discount On Modafinil

The crypto currency is not only a great investment option, it can also give you a pretty sweet discount on your Modafinil order. Vendors prefer it because it’s much safer and it is also anonymous. Since online pharmacies work in a legal grey zone, anonymity is preferred.

Modafinil Star gives you a solid 20+30% discount if you pay in Bitcoins. Most vendors only offer 10 to 20% tops. Need I say more?

Oh, and if Bitcoins are not your jam (which they should be, seriously) you can also pay with all major credit and debit cards. The checkout page is secure and that comes from the biggest data safety worrier that you have met. Buy on!

Buy Modafinil Here

INTAS Pharma And Another Reason To Love Modafinil Star

The last reason I think Modafinil Star is the best place to buy Modafinil on the Internet is that they work with one unusual supplier. Most vendors sell either Sun Pharma or HAB Pharma products. Both of these companies are based in India but they have years (and in the case of Sun decades) of experience producing Modafinil and Armodafinil. Because all other online pharmacies offer the same product, price is a major criteria for finding the best one. Not necessarily in the case of Modafinil Star, though (by the way, they are still the cheapest).

INTAS Pharma is a leading biosimilar drug producer. Unlike generics, biosimilar drugs were developed without the chemical engineers knowing the exact formula and synthesis technique. They work the same as the brand-name but they are not always the same compound. Modafinil, thankfully, is easy to replicate and so all biosimilar products that you get from India are essentially generics (although you can’t call them that).

INTAS is great because their manufacturing facility has been certified by the European Union.

Currently, they can only import one drug in Europe but they are in the process of getting more approved. What really matters here is that Europe gave its’ sign of approval and the EU people are notoriously picky. A company getting their quality confirmed and approved by the European Union gets a whole lot of trust points in my book. And since Modafinil Star are the only ones who offer INTAS products… Well, they get my best place to buy Modafinil stamp, too.

Finding Your Best Place To Buy Modafinil

You don’t have to agree with us. Modafinil Star is cheap, reliable, and they have very high-quality products. I am a huge fan of discounts and they give you plenty. Not to mention how easy to navigate and well-designed their site is (a minor perk, I agree, but I tend to trust vendors who have nice websites). Try them out for yourself and make sure to share your experience!

If you are interested in other Modafinil vendors, however, we have a bunch of reviews for different ones, as well. Make sure to check out other Biology Boost favorites. Once you find your best place to buy Modafinil, I would love to hear from you. Maybe it was someone unexpected. Maybe it was Modafinil Star. Share it in the comments nonetheless! We’ll be sure to respond!

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